Christians Against: [fill in the blank]

These days it seems to be all over: “Christians against abortion’, ‘Christians against marriage equality’, ‘Christians against Starbucks’, ‘Christians against J.C. Penney’…  Then I read this somewhere yesterday: “If you’re in the “boycotting because they support marriage equality” mood, turn...

Why I don’t Picket Abortion Clinics

Yes. Controversial, I know. But don't get me wrong. I just love how William Wilberforce worked so hard in the UK to abolish slavery while he was a member of Parliament, and how Amy Carmichael struggled to save children from prostitution while she was a missionary in India. However, don't be mistaken: the first was a politician

Where Are We Standing?

Zion and Babylon. Two places. The first is connected to eternal values and the second, to earthly values. Can you tell the difference? As children of God, can we actually discriminate both worldviews and say in total honesty in which are we currently living? The following is a song that describes very well this dichotomy: "Zion & Babylon" by Josh Garrels.

The Best Christmas Gift

I love Christmas! Even though it is arguable that Christ was born in this date, I still cherish this celebration as a symbol of his coming to the earth as God in human form. People don't talk about that much though, and even though they say it is a "giving time", most of what I have seen is crazy buyers. But truly, should we get crazy about the gift giving?