Don’t Focus on the Family

If you are a Christian who is living for your family as your top priority, you might want to watch this compilation of messages about family and marriage by Francis Chan and his wife Lisa. After all, the Kingdom of God is all about priorities, and our goal must be an "undivided devotion to the Lord." Just consider, before you watch these videos, you might want to take some time to ask the Lord to prepare your heart and mind to take this biblical counsel - it might be hard to hear, but we don't have time to waste to get our priorities right!

I Know My Redeemer Lives!

On Sunday morning, August 19, 2012, I was working on a message to a friend, when my husband helped me write something I had in mind but couldn’t fully articulate. He wrote this: "The fact is, we are fallen, and we can't be fixed - we need to be made new. Christ does not wish for us to make our old natures better, or patch them with moral efforts. Our old natures must be put to death.

El amor de Dios / The Love of God

{Scroll down for English} Es imposible decir que hemos experimentado el amor de Dios y no amarle con toda nuestra mente, alma y corazón. ¿Te has preguntado si realmente conoces el amor de Cristo? | It is impossible to say that we have experience God’s love and not love Him with all our soul, mind and heart. Do you really know the love of Christ?

Repentance – All God Requires

Deeply sincere repentance always precedes personal and ecclesiastical spiritual restoration and visitations of power. God’s Spirit can only dwell in the Holy of Holies, which we read from the Tanakh, was at one time the inner sanctuary of the temple. This sacred place is now located within us, by means of the dispensation of grace...

Who is the Object of God’s Anger?

If there is one thing in the Scriptures that made our compassionate, meek, patient Lord to go 'ballistic' was those people that claimed to follow God but denied Him with their daily choices. Who are those today? Anyone with religious zeal but no transformation of the heart, anyone who instead of obeying God, follows their own sinful and selfish lifestyle - and still call themselves Christian.

The Kind of Prayer He Wants From Me

One day I found myself praying "Lord, help me be better; help me be a better daughter of yours". It was as if I had never realized this phrase was coming out of my mouth every time I kneeled down in the presence of the Lord. And then it struck me! That was NOT what my Father wanted to hear at all!

(Spiritual) Reality Check

Were we asking for this? Certainly not! But God in his mercy showed us exactly what we were going through. And what is most awesome, He showed us what we need to be doing. As Ambassadors of God's Kingdom, we must understand that in this world, we are workers in his fields, not visitors on a vacation. Every believer has a responsibility to shine the light of Christ in a darkened world. So the Lord reminded us of the sad reality of our world - and our task.