Holidays Pile Up

The Holidays are here once again–Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year–it is the time to relax, enjoy time with the ones you love, and smile at how blessed you are… Or is it? We’re at material overload and it isn’t fun...

What is Hospitality Anyway?

I run into this quote today and thought that it deserved a special place in my blog, as a reminder to myself to always be hospitable–whether ready or not (whatever “ready” means for me). Romans 12:13 says, “When God’s people...

Because My Shopping Reflects Who I Am

I have been a passionate advocate of Fair Trade after working for 9 years with Mapuche weavers in the South of Chile and witnessing first-hand the harsh life and working conditions they face to survive. But the image I saw today on this link of a couple who lost their lives at one of the worst disasters of sweat shops in Bangladesh shocked the core of my being. Their embrace is such a symbol of humanity and yet they were working in one of the most inhuman industry existing today - the slavery of sweat shops that provide cheap production

Shopping Revolution!

Stay home and relax on Black Friday, get some work done on Cyber Monday, and save your shopping for Fair Tuesday. Buy fair trade and start your holiday off right, said the Fair Trade Federation USA's facebook page today. If you are a conscientious, frugal shopper as I am, you might be wondering where to shop 'right' these Holidays.

Where Are We Standing?

Zion and Babylon. Two places. The first is connected to eternal values and the second, to earthly values. Can you tell the difference? As children of God, can we actually discriminate both worldviews and say in total honesty in which are we currently living? The following is a song that describes very well this dichotomy: "Zion & Babylon" by Josh Garrels.