Because My Shopping Reflects Who I Am

I have been a passionate advocate of Fair Trade after working for 9 years with Mapuche weavers in the South of Chile and witnessing first-hand the harsh life and working conditions they face to survive. But the image I saw today on this link of a couple who lost their lives at one of the worst disasters of sweat shops in Bangladesh shocked the core of my being. Their embrace is such a symbol of humanity and yet they were working in one of the most inhuman industry existing today - the slavery of sweat shops that provide cheap production

Christians Against: [fill in the blank]

These days it seems to be all over: “Christians against abortion’, ‘Christians against marriage equality’, ‘Christians against Starbucks’, ‘Christians against J.C. Penney’…  Then I read this somewhere yesterday: “If you’re in the “boycotting because they support marriage equality” mood, turn...

Don’t Focus on the Family

If you are a Christian who is living for your family as your top priority, you might want to watch this compilation of messages about family and marriage by Francis Chan and his wife Lisa. After all, the Kingdom of God is all about priorities, and our goal must be an "undivided devotion to the Lord." Just consider, before you watch these videos, you might want to take some time to ask the Lord to prepare your heart and mind to take this biblical counsel - it might be hard to hear, but we don't have time to waste to get our priorities right!