Resurrection Day (easter)– The One & Only Focus

As Christians, our challenge is to live by the Word of God, everyday, every minute of our lives, and glorify God in all we do. Easter is only one of many celebrations called “Christian” which includes many non-Christian (pagan too) ideas. Whatever justification you have to teach your children about the bunny and *not* about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus is not really the point–not if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, that is. Now, if you are teaching both, but making a difference between the two, which is real, which is not, kudos to you, mama!

At any rate, please take the time to seek resources to remind yourself of one of THE most important events in our Lord’s life, namely His coming back to life, and what that entails for our own walk with Him!

This following audio is one of my favorites dealing with the Resurrection of our Lord.  Please take a listen to it, and share it with your hubby, your little ones and friends, it’s the amazing and well-known piece It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming by S.M. Lockridge.  Click here to listen.

Be blessed by our amazing God,


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