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What a joy to share with you some of what I learn daily as a daughter of God, woman, daughter, wife, mother, friend, translator and Chilean expatriate in the US. Welcome!

Why is this blog called “Old Paths Good Way? It is taken from the book of Jeremiah 6:16 in the bible:

“Stand in the ways and see,
and ask for THE OLD PATHS,

where THE GOOD WAY is, and walk in it;
then you will find rest for your souls.”

When I moved to the US, starting married life, I came into a Christianity that was quite different to what I had experienced in Chile: a Christianity entangled with the culture in a way that I could not easily ignore.  A Christianity that has “modernized” the message of Jesus Christ in order to make it more palatable or attractive.  I have had the opportunity to reflect, and will continue to do so, on how our faith in Christ should not change as the culture around us. On the contrary, it should always ‘look back’ to the Old Ways as described in the living Word of God–our Lord Jesus Christ himself!

What is the underlying perspective of this blog? This blog will approach events, ideas, facts and opinions from the perspective of the creator of the universe.  A great example is given by the way the Hebrew language helps us to understand God’s purpose for us, humankind, available here.

“Judaism and the Hebrew language have incorporated God’s remedy for future-phobia into their very fabric. As we read the news and see tensions picking up pace, let’s consider what the God of Israel has to say about facing the future.
The word for yesterday, אתמול (etmol) is connected to the concept of being opposite to, or facing something. We are facing and looking directly at the past, not the future. Equally, the word for tomorrow, מחר (machar) is connected to the concept of being behind or after.
The future is behind our backs. We cannot see it. We have our back to the future, so to speak. We can see clearly what has happened in the past, and God wants us to do that. Like people walking backwards, we cannot see what we’re walking into. It’s unsettling. The only thing we know is what has already happened.
In fact the word “remember” is mentioned 234 times in the Bible. Some of the remembering is done by God – remembering his covenant, his promises, or his faithful ones who are patiently waiting, but mostly it is his people who must remember. The Psalms are full of memories of the wonders that God has done in the past, and encouragements to trust on the basis of these facts. We can call to mind the faithfulness and miracles of God, and have confidence that we are in good hands.”

We are called to “remember”–look at the past and learn from it, increase our faith from what the Lord has done, and glorify Him for his faithfulness!

Thank you for joining me in this journey!





  1. Steven says:

    “I am a wife to an amazing husband. I am foreigner in a strange land…” Thank you kitten! Thank goodness you did not word that “I am a wife to a strange husband. I am a foreigner in an amazing land” 🙂

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