My Mom’s Cancer Healing Testimony


After occasional gall bladder attacks at the age of 18 (decade of 1970), my mother suffered again one–very painful–when she 58 years old, by the end of 2010–just before I got married and left Chile.  After that, she waited years to be seen by a doctor–as the system in Chile has waiting lists–but her confidence was in that God would heal her, if it was His will.

Three years later, in December of 2013, finally the Hospital of Temuco called her to do a health review. In it, they found cancer in my mother’s gall bladder.  The doctor told her that, in simple words, she lived 40 years with a tumor in the gall bladder.  It was only by God’s mercy that He did not allow it to propagate to her whole body or for ther to suffer the consequences of such illness.

This diagnosis at the end of 2013 was especially painful because it happened exactly when she was getting ready to visit me in the United States–where I had been living for 3 years without visiting my family in Chile. Nevertheless, our confidence was–and is always–in the Lord, to whom we asked for her healing but especially for Him to do His perfect will.  We also shared this request with our family in Chile and our believing friends in the United States.

About one month after receiving the diagnosis and only thanks to the Lord–through a process that was faster than we ever thought considering the slow pace of the Chilean public system of health–in the same month of December of 2013 my mother was operated to extirpate the gall bladder that was destroyed by the cancer.  In that operation, the doctors discovered that the cancer had stained the liver.  This can be fatal.

Considering that our family did not have neither special contacts nor resources, the Lord prepared everything so the doctor in charge mobilized other doctors in the region to operate on my mom’s liver as soon as possible, so that they would be able to analyze it and to know how advanced it was the cancer there. God provided the means for her to undergo the expensive examinations privately through money that a relative had given her for the trip–the exact quantity that she needed!

In this second operation–which again only God orchestrated so fast and without any costs–in January, 2014, they extracted part of the liver to do a biopsy.  Later on, when my mother reunited with the doctor, she received the wonderful yet unbelievable news that the biopsy was completely clean, her liver was clean of cancer. Glory to the Lord!

“O Lord my God, I cried out to You, And You healed me.”
Psalm 30:2

The attending physician is not able to explain this.  He said that he was going to meet with other doctors, in order to find a scientific explanation.  Ultimately, human medicine had no explanation.  The doctor’s only response was that my mother should have died 20 years ago.  She was sent home without remedies and to live normally.

We know that the Lord can do the impossible and that only He could orchestrate everything so that my mother could get operated on time.  We know that only God could have stopped the cancer, never thanks to our faith or our prayers, but only thanks to His infinite mercy, and for the glory of His Name.

After this someone approached my mother and told her, as if speaking on the Lord’s behalf, that He had healed her so that she would bring glory to His Name.

We were about to be blessed even more!  Only about 3 months after the operations, the Lord brought my mother to the United States, sound and healthy. By this we recognize that the Lord knows everything–He knows the times and His will is always perfect. Glory to the God of heaven who can do everything!

“I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God has worked for me.”
Daniel 4:2

As a final note, I’m sharing below the video of an interview my sisters in Christ did to my mom and I, during her first trip to the USA. For the glory of Christ!



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