Don’t Focus on the Family

If you are a Christian who is living for your family as your top priority, you might want to watch this compilation of messages about family and marriage by Francis Chan and his wife Lisa. After all, the Kingdom of God is all about priorities, and our goal must be an "undivided devotion to the Lord." Just consider, before you watch these videos, you might want to take some time to ask the Lord to prepare your heart and mind to take this biblical counsel - it might be hard to hear, but we don't have time to waste to get our priorities right!

Why I don’t Picket Abortion Clinics

Yes. Controversial, I know. But don't get me wrong. I just love how William Wilberforce worked so hard in the UK to abolish slavery while he was a member of Parliament, and how Amy Carmichael struggled to save children from prostitution while she was a missionary in India. However, don't be mistaken: the first was a politician

Repentance – All God Requires

Deeply sincere repentance always precedes personal and ecclesiastical spiritual restoration and visitations of power. God’s Spirit can only dwell in the Holy of Holies, which we read from the Tanakh, was at one time the inner sanctuary of the temple. This sacred place is now located within us, by means of the dispensation of grace...