My Mom’s Lentils Recipe

The first time I made this recipe, I used my mom’s formula and it turned out great but a little bit too heavy for my dear ‘gringo’ hubby.

So I made some changes and this is what resulted.  I hope you like it!

(2 people)

4 oz lentils
1/4 small onion chopped
1/2 carrot chopped very fine
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1/2 zuchinni, chopped
1/4 green pepper, chopped
1/4 red pepper, chopped
a bit of dried oregano
a bit of dried parsley
Sausage, one complete, chopped
2 potatoes, chopped in small pieces
2 oz rice
a bit of salt


Chop all the veggies, and have all the spices at hand.  Chop the potatoes and leave them in cold water.
Leave rice in cold water too.

Put the lentils in cold water covering them entirely and boil – be aware that they may boil quick!  Have plenty of boiled water at hand to add later on, according to your taste.

While the lentils are cooking, put olive oil on a large skillet and briefly fry the onion (try to avoid getting it too fried or brown).  Then add the carrot, garlic, green and red pepper, zuchinni and the sausage.  Season with a tiny bit of oregano and parsley.

As soon as the lentils boil, change the temperature to low and add the fried veggies to the pot.  Also add the potatoes and the rice (without the water they were in) and SALT, and let it simmer on low temperature for about 20 minutes.

Let me know if you do it.  I hope it works out nicely and you enjoy it!

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