(Spiritual) Reality Check

Were we asking for this?  Certainly not!  But God in his mercy showed us exactly what we were going through.  And what is most awesome, He showed us what we need to be doing.  As Ambassadors of God’s Kingdom, we must understand that in this world, we are workers in his fields, not visitors on a vacation.  Every believer has a responsibility to shine the light of Christ in a darkened world.  So the Lord reminded us of the sad reality of our world – and our task.

Below, I am sharing with you a dream my husband had one or two nights ago.  When he told me the dream, I could see how it resembled the spiritual reality we are facing.  So here it is, and let us know what you think!

~ Johanna


“I had a rather detailed dream last night, which is unusual for me when my dreams are usually abstract. Johanna thought I should share it in writing.


At first, I realized I was in a dark passage about 10 feet wide, with high rock cliffs on both sides. I immediately found myself in a small boat, that was only large enough for two or three bodies besides mine. I was rowing the small craft with great effort in deep black waters, away from a creepy looking house next to the water’s edge, located at one end of the passage. The foreboding house was filled with desperate people, crying in fear and frantically moving about to flee from unseen danger.


At the other end of the dark watery channel, was a friendly looking single story structure with a wide wooden porch, enveloped with peace and safety. I was rowing vigorously away from the dark house toward the one of safety, with two frantic people in the boat. I kept noticing the boat was nearly sinking during the trip, filling over with splashing water, almost sinking. The progress was slow and tedious, as if little progress was being made.


I looked up as I approached the house of safety, which was now dark. Those inside who were at peace had turned off the lights and were going to sleep. I couldn’t believe it, this was a desperate situation! All those souls behind me were trapped in an evil place, and not one in the safe house was concerned enough to help? How could this be?


I proceeded to yell out at the occupants, to wake up and get out here and help these people I was bringing in. As I approached the safe house, a dim light flickered on and a sleepy man approaches the door and looked out. He was not concerned, not wanting to be disturbed by this inconvenient ruckus outside. I couldn’t remain engaged debating about the lack of support, because more rescues were waiting.


After dropping off the two people who essentially crawled upon the safe house porch, I returned to the place of evil suddenly, and boarded was four more people, all disturbed and anxious. The boat could not handle the extra weight, taking on too much water, almost sinking. Since I was required to row the boat, being the only one capable, one person had to roll out in the dark waters, while clinging by hand to the boats edge.


These trips continued, I recall a couple people from my past whose lives were covered in shame, trembling as in shock, in the bottom of water covered boat. They were unable to care for themselves for they were completely overcome by the evil from the house of darkness. Those riding, sometimes had to turn their attention from their own fears to aid those in shock.


At one point, I returned to the evil house and got out of the boat to defend the occupants, whereas no help was coming from the house of safety. I found myself confront by a line of hypnotized people under the power of evil. The moved slowly as if they had little of their own minds. Wearing dark garments, carrying wood hammers, knifes, and other metal object sufficient for inflicting suffering. They were not intent on killing, rather they were mindlessly looking for victims.


Suddenly, a woman raised a hammer to strike me from behind upon the head, as she looked ahead to her leader for confirmation. I reached up and slowly removed the hammer from her grasp, while commanding the evil spirit to go in the name of Jesus. I found myself repeating the command over and over, “Depart from here, in the name of Jesus”, as a line of these hypnotized people walked toward me, dropping their instruments upon a table and wandered away harmlessly. They were not changed, but merely disarmed from causing further problems.


I was awakened after that scene. It didn’t occur to me until I described it to Johanna, that this was the state of the world verses the state of the church. The world has its share of desperate people, fearful and in shock. It also has those under the spell of evil, unwittingly harming others, unaware they are in the ranks who serve evil.


On the other end is the place of refuge. Those of the church who after being saved, want their peace and quiet, with little concern about those in peril and the evil than runs unbridled in the house of the afflicted. Those in safety want peace and quiet, to sleep in comfort.


Was this a message from God’s Spirit? A prophecy of things I shall see and be a part of, the struggle between the light and the darkness? Maybe it is a reflection of the ensuing struggle Johanna and I experience amidst the dry spiritual desert here in Indiana. So often we speak the truth to wanderers, but it cannot be heard, because they are seduced by principalities and powers of the air.


Additionally, everyone including Christians want positive results in their life, but as long as it doesn’t require them to change themselves or their current lives. There is this “comfy chair” mentality about life, an entitlement, we want all the pleasurable results without any of the necessary efforts. And worse, we can be so utterly consumed with our wants, desires and pleasures, we do not give mind to those who are sinking into the darkness. May it not be for those who call themselves “Christians.”


As Paul correctly stated in 2 Cor. 13:5, “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.” (ESV)

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