The Kind of Prayer He Wants From Me

One day I found myself praying “Lord, help me be better; help me be a better daughter of yours“. It was as if I had never realized this phrase was coming out of my mouth every time I kneeled down in the presence of the Lord. And then it struck me! That was NOT what my Father wanted to hear at all!

You see, it is so easy to use prayer as the means to get what we think it’s best for us, what we think God expects from us (and what we think we need or want).  And this is good!  But prayer is far more than that. It is a place of total surrender – when we cry out to God from the bottom of our hearts, ‘Break me, hurt my pride and destroy it, shred my confidence on myself to pieces and rebuild my entire mind to your likeness, weaken and destroy entirely the grip of sin over me; transform me, all of me, until others can see God’s glory in me“.

Why is it important to pray this way?  Because our approach to the Father cannot and should not be about ‘surface transformation’, behavioral modification.  No.  We approach our Father for Him to clean the depths of our heart, to renew our mind.  We want his river of life flowing inside of us.  Then, and only then, can external transformation take place – as a result of the internal transformation.

And what is more important, only after all of this happens, we can be used by our Holy God.

We are meant to be a light in the darkenss, salt in the midst of corruption, Ambassadors of the King of love.  There is none like Christ.  No other religion in the world can count on a King made servant, an heir that gives his life for others, the Most High God bent low to reach humanity with his love.  So, why do we take God and his precious Son and his living Spirit for granted?

“Only for God’s mercy, we have not been consumed”, the Scriptures remind us.  There is such an amazing plan for each one of us!  Let us stop cruising, let’s fly with the wings of the Holy Spirit of God!

Let’s start telling our God the right words, the right prayer!

The song below is what inspired me to share this thought with you. I pray it is great blessing for you too.


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